The Hithouse and Fyens Forum

The concerts in Copenhagen and Odense in June 1966

On June 6th, the Who arrived in Copenhagen for a press conference and a show at "Hit House". The Press conference was of the impulsive, spontaneous kind, held at Tivoli Gardens in central Copenhagen. Apparently, the Who weren't satisfied with the way things were going during the photo session, so Pete started climbing an acrobat's scaffold, and Keith, who wasn't late to catch on, followed after. This upset the Tivoli guards, who in turn got into an argument with the photographers. Evidently, this wasn't any old press conference with any old pop group. Again, the Who made their mark.

In the newspaper articles the following day, Pete talked about their last Danish tour: "The best concert we've ever had, was in Aarhus. We played nothing, yet everything turned into total chaos." "We want to go further into the ecstasy than by just breaking instruments. Maybe whole buildings...? Keith added thoughtfully.

The Who also made clear that they would tear the Hit House down the following evening. Maybe the Who worked up the expectations a little too much, because the Hit House concert turned out nothing like they'd promised. At least they didn't tear the house down, the kids stayed on the floor all through the concert, and the journalists didn't get the riot they had come for. Someone even wrote "All too nice Who concert", and "downright boring".

Apparently, though, the Who felt they had something to prove, and took their chance to do just that in Odense Fyens Forum. 1200 kids sat on the floor and on the chairs as the Odense concert started. (The Who had chartered two planes, and flown from Copenhagen to Odense) As the concert progressed, though, more and more people got on their feet and danced to the music. The Who played, among others: "Dancing in the Streets", "Man With Money", "Substitute", and at the end of "My Generation", Pete threw his Guitar into one of his amplifiers, Keith kicked over his drums. The audience clapped their hands and cheered wildly. The journalists were happy too, and wrote "We witnessed one of the most fantastic pop-happenings ever in Denmark".

Svante Börjesson