Copenhagen and Århus

Concerts in September 1970

The Who returned, as promised, to play for larger audiences in September 1970. In their "baggage" this time, however, was a live album, and not an album like "their older ones" as Townshend had said eight months earlier. They tried to do some recordings in the summer, but this never materialized as anything essential "album wise". Townshend may already at this time had his thoughts on something BIGGER. This may also have been the reason why they scrapped the album and toured with mainly old material.

The Woodstock movie had just come out, and of course the "Live at Leeds" album was a success. The Who had always been a "live group", but now they were also accepted on an artistic level beyond sheer "pop". The Who's live act now seemed self perpetuating, even without the release of new material. The audience was happy seeing the old act, but the Who were getting fed up with playing "Tommy" for the umpteenth time. This tour also gave the Who the opportunity to "release" some money to give them the time and security they needed to develop projects on a grander scale.