Concerts in Kopenhagen in August

At KB-Hallen August 1972

In August 1972 the Who visited Denmark again as part of their European tour. On this tour they played mostly sports arenas. This gave a lot of people the chance to see the Who (unlike during their opera tour), but of course the sound and intimacy suffered from the sports-arena-type-concert. KB-Hallen was on the other hand the same tennis arena the Who had played in '65, and at least on stage it was intimate enough. The Who had to crowd onto the stage with much bigger equipment than in '65, yet it seemed to be exact same stage as back then.

Their two Copenhagen concerts was of course part of the Scandinavian leg of the tour. The concerts were both fine enough, even though the last one had to be postponed three days from the 22nd to the 25th. The concerts haven't really made history though, rather the hotel stay did.

The Who (Pete and John) held a press conference before the show. Journalist Mats Olsson of the Malmö based news paper "Arbetet" was there, along with several others since this seem to have been the only press conference they had on their Scandinavian leg.

Footnotes in 1995

The who recorded songs in may 1972 with producer Glyn Johns. The songs never made an album, at least not at the time, some made singles, as Entwistle pointed out, and some even made it onto other albums (Quadrophenia). Only "Relay" and "Long Live Rock" out of these sessions were performed live on this tour. John's third solo album "Rigor Mortis Sets In" was released in June 1973, although his second, "Whistle Rhymes", had yet to be released in November 1972.