The Who

Tue, 19 April 1966:

Walsall, Town Hall


Substitute, Anyway Anyhow Anywhere, I Can't Explain, My Generation


No setlist in detail. With Spencer Davis Group.


John Fellows

I attended this show at Walsall Town Hall - it was the date of my 16th birthday and one of the top 10 moments of my life. Tickets were 8 bob and I went with my then girlfriend Valerie. I have no recollection whatsoever of her presence during proceedings - my attention was totally focussed on the lads from Shepherd's Bush.

There was no seating and miraculously I got a place right at the front - chin on stage - about 6 feet from Pete. Their clothing was typically MOD - Roger had some black & white checked trousers and a cream white turtle neck jumper. I recall the roadies banging blocks of wood over the feet of Moonie's drum kit to prevent it from moving around. He was led to his stool and sticks placed in his hands and off he went flailing around the kit in his usual fashion - eyes like saucers - no doubt a result of the readily available pharmaceuticals of the day.

I don't recall the setlist in detail but Substitute was there as was Anyway Anyhow Anywhere, I can't explain and My Generation.

Pete was not playing Rickenbackers that night - maybe the budget had beed hauled in. The guitar of choice was a Fender Tele and although there was no total destruction there was much poking of guitar neck into the amps and bowing with the mike stand. Towards the end Pete grabbed another guitar - maybe the first one(s) went out of tune - another Tele which looked very battered and seemed to have been recently repaired/painted for the finale. This one, too remained largely intact (those Fenders were/are very robust)

That's about, it sorry I could not give more detail of the setlist or the bands clothing but then it was almost 50 years ago. I managed to see them again only 3 more times - IOW 1970/Stafford74 and Perth, Western Australia 2009

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