The Who

Tue, 09 March 1976:

Boston, MA, Garden


I Can't Explain


Keith Moon slumped over his drums in collapse. The show was moved to the end of the first leg of the US-Tour, to 1.4.1976.



"I Can't Explain" was somewhat ragged but still The Who, but "Substitute" was just plain awful. The song went from normal speed to slow to fast to slow and then nothing. Keith was totally off-beat and the band looked like they had no idea what was going on.

Tim Raymond

My friends and I met in Boston on March the 9th, 1976, all excited for another great Who show.....we were down on the floor when they hit the stage and ripped into "I Can't Explain", but something was off... Then "Substitute" started and the beat was just not right ... we looked at each ohter and said, "what's going on here?" ... they stopped the show and Townshend came out, apologized and said Keith had pneumonia, but we'll be back. Everyone was decidedly bummed out, but so it goes.

April 4th 1976 proved to be quite a return. I managed to get right down front , standing 10 feet from Entwhitsle - remember when he had the 2 "water" bottles on his mike stand? - and they literally took the top of my head off. The highlight of the night for me was when they were singing "Behind Blue Eyes" and got to the part "....keep me warm, let me wear your coat!" and some inspired genius in the front tossed his dungaree jacket, spiraling, onto the stage, right on cue, and Townshend pummeled it with his boots and the band just exploded! One of those nights when you go home horse from shouting at the top of your lungs! This was the last time I saw Townshend smash a guitar.

I was left stunned and amazed by that band once again.

Steve Schug

Beginning of show was delayed due to fire near house sound board. There are rumours to this day that the fire was started by Who crew because they knew of Keith situation and were stalling for time. Fire extinguished, show starts. Keith can't play. He's carried off after two songs and thrown in showers used for Boston Bruins and Celtics (confirmed by Boston
Garden head usher, a relative who witnessed this). Shower didn't help. It was, in fact, Roger who finally came on stage and announced that Keith was "ill" and the show would be postponed. The crowd booed to which Roger responded, "All right, we won't fuckin' come back!"

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