The Who

Tue, 10 October 2006:

Portland, OR, Rose Garden Arena


I Can't Explain
The Seeker
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
Who Are You
Behind Blue Eyes
Real Good Looking Boy
Sound Round
Pick Up The Peace
Endless Wire
We Got A Hit
They Made My Dream Come True
Mirror Door
Baba O'Riley
Eminence Front
A Man In A Purple Dress
Mike Post Theme
You Better You Bet
My Generation
Cry If You Want
Won't Get Fooled Again

Pinball Wizard
Amazing Journey
See Me Feel Me
Tea And Theatre

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Music review: The Who can carry the weight

Heaven forbid that Pete Townshend ever should tear his rotator cuff. The legendary guitarist and songwriter of the Who might not move with the sam... Continue reading
(The Oregonian, 11-10-2006)


Jack Hannigan

[1] Set list identical to Vancouver, with the only exception during the My Generation jam when Pete added the Old Red Wine middle eight riff and sang a few bars.

[2] Performance tight, with no miscues (unless you count Pete stopping into the first few seconds of the Eminence Front tape to introduce the band and wish Simon a happy birthday ... yay Simon).

[3] Not nearly the amount of banter as Vancouver, and none of the end of number mini guitar jams Pete was working up north.

[4] Roger's voice and performance not nearly as strong as the Vancouver show. By concert end his perspiration level was half of what it was two nights ago. No mike swinging until the encore.

[5] By all means not a bad show (the band is certainly clicking on all cylinders), but in comparison to Vancouver, the October 8th concert was the keeper.

[6] Crowd sat way too much, especially in the bleachers, and maybe some of that lack of energy translated to the band.

[7] One funny bit that will hopefully make it to the Sirius radio playback; prior to starting Pinball Wizard Pete started goofing with his echo effect and told a humorous little story about seeing Syd Barrett in 1967.

Gunnar Abramson

I too was at the Portland show on October 10th 2006. The venue was not filled to capacity as the upper bleachers had been cordoned off but this meant that those in attendance were closer to the stage - a happy development. A very tight set with few miscues aside from Pete and Roger each singing different lyrics at the same time during the second verse of The Seeker. The new songs - Old Red Wine, Real Good Looking Boy, and the Endless Wire mini-opera were nicely received even if not always with wild enthusiasm. Roger began a reasonably long intro of the Presley-homage Real Good Looking Boy by thanking Elvis for "changing my bloody life." Pete introduced an incindiery rendition of Who Are You as a "semi-autobiographical song of ours from an earlier period" - to wild applause. Pete announced that it was Simon's birthday just before Emminence Front and just after he had stopped the already running synth tape for the song.

Later, Pete toyed with his guitar effects between songs and announced his recent obsession with a new echo rig. He related how he had been originally introduced to echo when he first saw Syd Barrett with Pink Floyd in London circa 1967: "Syd came out on the stage and the first thing he did was this:" (Pete played some power chords and and hit the echo by way of demonstration, subjecting the laughing audience to this for a minute.) "I think Syd was still standing there with that same chord echoing when Pink Floyd ended their set." (More audience laughter.)

The old hits were greeted with wild abandon of course and Pete's playing was great though with Simon, and quite often Roger on guitar as well, he hung back on some of the rhythm throughout many songs, concentrating instead on soloing. Zak and Pino were rock solid throughout as well. There was a great false ending to Won't Get Fooled Again that brought the audience to its feet twice. The Tommy medley and Tea and Theater were included as the encore. Though Pete admitted the band was indeed tired after the most recent leg of the tour, the playing was inspired and the fans reacted with gratitude. This was a weeknight so perhaps the audience was less eager than on the weekend, but this was still a great show. A lovely night.

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