The Who

Mon, 06 May 1974:

Oxford, New Theatre


No known setlist


This show was sent by Steve Griffiths. He wrote: "In 1974 a small advertisement appeared in the classifieds in the Oxford Mail with details of a forthcoming Who concert at the New Theatre Oxford (Now Oxford Apollo) but it was kept pretty quiet, I'm sure that the ticket stub is the stub from this concert, but there is no mention of the gig in your listings. The concert was different to the previous two in terms of content it was more a playlist of golden oldies with no Quadrophenia stuff, similar to the playlist of other dates listed on your site." Joe McMichael and Jack "Irish" Lyons don't list the show in The Concert File, but they wrote about it in the introduction for 1974 about filming Tommy: "The group did play a few shows in the midst of their filming schedule: One at the New Theatre, Oxford, another at a huge outdoor concert on May 18th at Charlton Football Stadium in Southeast London, and a special 'closed' concert for the extras of the Tommy film ... on May 22." (Concert File, p. 162). The ticket stubs confirms the existence of the show!


Robert Priday

Yes there is no doubt this show did exist, I was part of a coach party from Swindon in the stalls. Best gig of my life, Who or otherwise, Moon was spectacular, believe it was a warm up for Charlton.

Charles Crawford

Just to say that we Oxford students could scarcely believe it when we saw this concert advertised on posters outside the New Theatre.

A wonderful concert, although unlike someone else who has commented here I seem to remember Quadrophenia numbers being played.

The sudden blast of light from behind the band (who had been playing in the dark) at the climax of Won't Be Fooled Again was a high-point in all my lifetime concert-going.

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Ticket Stub, 6-5-1974 (© Steve Griffiths)