The Who

Sat, 26 July 1997:

Noblesville, IN, Deer Creek Music Center


I Am The Sea
The Real Me
Cut My Hair
The Punk And The Godfather
I'm One
The Dirty Jobs
Helpless Dancer
Is It In My Head
I've Had Enough
Sea And Sand
Bell Boy
Doctor Jimmy
The Rock
Love Reign O'er Me
I'm The Face - Quadrophenia Finale

Won't Get Fooled Again
Behind Blue Eyes
I Can't Explain
Who Are You


Jerry Landrum

I just got back from the Deer Creek concert and the response was very positive. I think that folks were really happy to see the band and their response to Quadrophenia was enthusiastic. Just a couple of notes that I thought folks might be interested in. About the biggest rave up by the audience came during John's bass solo. Everybody went nuts with some people jumping up on their seats and cheering. The other personal note was on the last note of the concert, Pete threw his guitar spinning up into the air and instead of catching it, he missed and it went crashing to the ground, much to the crowds excitement. He kicked at it, turned and left the stage immediately without a word. John and Roger kind of hung around at the microphone to do their »3 remaining band members« routine with their arms around each other, but Pete never came back out. Finally, they made a couple of cute comments and began to leave the stage. Roger then turned and came back to the lifeless instrument and picked it up, lifting it up into the air as if he were going to smash it, bringing a mighty cheer from the crowd. He then said into the mike, "I think I'll nick it and tell Pete that it's broke!" With that he laughed and began unplugging the guitar as he left the stage. All in all, a very enjoyable but hot (temps were in the 90 degree area!) evening of rock and roll! The show was sold out, too.

Arnie Levitan

Hi! You have quite a fine Who page. Thanks. My hope after this tour is done is for a video, but I think between us fans we can at least make a compilation cassette of the best of the tour - it would have to include at least one performance of every different song used during the encores. Anyway here's my addition to the recent Deer Creek story: During a long solo acoustic Pete section during "Quad" (I think), Pete paused for a moment to wipe his brow, and he continued to play. I thought then that the evening's heat might just up the intensity a bit! When he took off the acoustic, he let it THUD onto the riser, and starting taking up the electric more and more throughout the rest of the show. He may have played twice the electric he had played in Chicago in October 1996 (the last show I saw). He had moments the rest of the night of losing himself in his own intensity - the old Pete! There were plenty of windmills, but none were choreographed. The end as Jerry Landrum described it is accurate, and just an indication of when Pete is done, he's done.


I attended the 7/26/97 Deer Creek Quad show. The set list was the same as all the others. I will add a few highlights though. John played a bass solo during 5:15 that was incredible. Also, Who Are You features Roger on acoustic for the first half of the song. Pete threw his guitar to the floor after Who Are You was over and that was the end of the show. A very good ending.

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