The Who

Wed, 06 August 1997:

Camden, NJ, Blockbuster - Sony Center


I Am The Sea
The Real Me
Cut My Hair
The Punk And The Godfather
I'm One
The Dirty Jobs
Helpless Dancer
Is It In My Head
I've Had Enough
Sea And Sand
Bell Boy
Doctor Jimmy
The Rock
Love Reign O'er Me
I'm The Face - Quadrophenia Finale

Won't Get Fooled Again
Behind Blue Eyes
I Can't Explain
The Kids Are Alright
Who Are You


Jessee Boyce

I attended the show at Camden, NJ, and, let me just tell you, to say the least, it was WONDERFUL! I felt "Quadrophenia" was awesome even though I was not familiar with it until about two hours before the show (I borrowed the CD from a friend and listened to it on my way to the concert). Roger and Pete began the encore with "Won't Get Fooled Again," and John joined in about halfway through the song. Although it was performed extraordinarily, I think I would have enjoyed the song more if it would have been a non acoustic version with Roger screaming out the notes. maybe the best and certainly most spontaneous part of the night was at the end of "Behind Blue Eyes." Roger began belting out the last few notes, but no one was able to hear him because his microphone had lost power. Roger threw the microphone on the ground and conducted the audience, which sang the last notes, "behind blue eyes." Truly amazing. When the band finished "Who Are You" and left the stage, I feel I was at an all time low. I didn't want my magical night to be over. It was truly heartwarming yet unexpected to see children and adults of all ages attending the show. My sister is 16, and I was certain that she would be one of the youngest people attending. Parents brought their young children along to experience a great night of music and theater. Pete also mentioned how much the band missed Keith Moon. Unfortunately, being only 19, I was never able to hear Moon play live. I'm just so glad that the who can still fill stadiums across the world, and people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs enjoy their music.

John Sammon

During the August 6th Quad-tour show Mr. Townshend commented about how they F---ed up most of the songs during the first shows of Quad the year before in England. Also during the end of Behind Blue Eyes Mr. Daltrey's Mic went out and he threw it down, after he did this he motioned for the crowd to finish it. Won't get fooled again started acoustic and finished electric. Mr. Townshend also commented on how he never, up to that point played the electric guitar so much on the tour, after that he introduced his bother on guitar.

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