The Who

Sat, 12 September 1970:

Münster, Halle Münsterland


Heaven And Hell
I Can't Explain
Young Man Blues
I Don't Know Myself
Amazing Journey
Eyesight To The Blind
The Acid Queen
Go To The Mirror
Smash The Mirror
Summertime Blues
Shakin' All Over
Twist And Shout
My Generation

Newspaper Review

Police say: A smooth task - Actors in Ecstasy

Heads banging in rhythm, fists hammering knees in time, stamping, screaming, shrieking, whistling: the active minority of the audience. Hammering, jum... Continue reading
(Westfälische Nachrichten, 14-09-1970)

Applause at the wrong moments...

The travelling circus, as Pete Townshend, guitarist and bandleader of The Who calls his band, behaved loudly, like in the beginnings of his career in ... Continue reading
(Westfälische Nachrichten, 14-09-1970)

One-sided ecstasy

The audience in the Halle Münsterland waited impatiently for half an hour. But then suddenly they are on stage, are simple and start in an insane... Continue reading
(Münsterische Zeitung, 14-09-1970)

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The Who in Münster