The Who

Sat, 03 August 1968:

Lake Geneva, WI, Majestic


Magic Bus, My Generation


George J. Andrews sent this addition.


George J. Andrews

Magic Bus was introduced as new, it had not been played two nights before at the Kinetic Playground in Chicago. I cannot recall the rest of the set alhough it seemed to track the Chicago concert for the most part - and ended in a fury of destruction of stage floor lights by Townshend during My Generation, while Roger's microphone swung overhead and Moon swung from a branch of a prop tree behind the stage. It was great.

Joe Accardi

The full name of the venue was "Majestic Hills." It was a ski resort in Lake Geneva, WI. The room was huge, packed with several thousand people, all of whom had to stand. There were no seats. While I do not remember any specific songs, I do remember Roger Daltrey swinging around his microphone at the end of a heavily taped cable. I can also tell you that the disc jockey who introduced them was Larry Lujack of WLS Radio (AM 890 in Chicago).

Robert S. Campbell

Majestic Hills was originally a man made ski resort in Lake Geneva. They used to have year round music at the actual resort in the mid 60's. In the late 60's it moved to a large metal building near by that was used for boat storage in the winter. Half of the side walls were missing, thus the venue was partially open air and only open in the summer months. There were shows on Wed, Fri and Saturday night. The stage ran the whole length of one end. Typically they would have three bands with the best show held on Saturday night. The line up would typically consist of a good area band, a regional band and a headliner.

The stage was wide enough so that the bands could set up side by side with the headliner in the middle to cut down on time between shows. On 8/03/68 the second band was an area band from Rockford, Il. The band was in transition and was either named The Grim Reapers or Fuse at the time. Later the band evolved into Cheap Trick. They played on the left side of The Who. It was a cold, rainy night so the crowd had to pack in under the roof and could not overflow outside. As a handful of us went to school with members of The Grim Reapers / Fuse we were invited up on stage after there show and sat amongst their equipment while The Who performed their set. I remember sitting about eight feet from John Entwistle. I do not remember the exact set list (we went to shows like this every weekend) but I would say it was very close to a "Live at Leeds" style show. The Grim Reapers had performed early Who songs for years and we were familair with and pleased that they did a lot of early songs.

We were getting apprehensive near the end of the set because we thought the whole stage was going to go get smashed up, typical of a Who show ending. For some reason the ending had been toned down and it was not as violent as we had anticipated. As one fellow reported, I do remember the heavily taped microphone cord.

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