The Who

Tue, 06 August 1968:

Boston, MA, Music Hall


Substitute, Magic Bus


David Swartz has a handbill that shows that the Who played at the Boston Music Hall Theatre! Tom Bruneau confirmed him. He was at the show. The Who played two shows at 7.30 pm and 9.30 pm. The following fan report seems to be about the second show!



I was at the Music Hall in Boston on August 6, 1968 to see The Who. "Ill Wind" and "Quill" warmed up the audience. The latter played at Woodstock the following year and I recall that they were quite good - more exciting than the better known "Ill Wind". The Who opened with "Substitute", with the curtain only slightly open and Townshend on his knees in a spotlight for the opening chords. The curtains opened fully and Townshend stood up as the wall of noise blasted from the stage with Entwhistle's powerful bass line and Moon's slashing drum chops thundering into the audience.

If my memory serves, they didn't play many tunes before Moon flipped his sticks during "Magic Bus" and began punching holes in the heads of his drums. Daltrey and Entwhistle sauntered off stage and Townshend only performed a bit of gratuitous destruction before exiting as well, at which point Moon, behaving like a man possessed, proceeded to trash his drum kit and most of the rest of the equipment and the stage.

I believe some of his insanity that night was captured in that B&W clip in "The Kids Are Alright". I heard afterward that Moon took out a plate glass door with his arm and earned quite a few stitches for it after he was "assisted" off by their road manager, proving to me that his lunacy wasn't all just art of a stage act.

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