John Entwistle

Fri, 24 June 1988:

Bay Shore, NY, Sundance


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Confirmed by Mike Czar.


Mike Czar

Here is what I remember. It was about 11 years ago, but it seems like a lifetime ago. I was at home when I heard a radio announcement for the show that night. I was living in Bayshore and Sundance was only a mile from my house. I jumped in my car and raced down to get my tickets for the show. Entwistle's bus was outside and Entwistle was standing on the sidewalk outside the club. I have been a Who fan since about 1966 or 67 and I had no idea what to say to John, after seeing him so many times on stage. So I said "Hi, how's it going?" He looked at me and said "Not Good, not good at all. He explained, a part, perhaps transformer or power converted was broken and the replacement part had to come from New Jersey. That would be a three hour trip or more for someone to get there and three hours to come back, I seem to remember the show getting a very late start maybe around 11 PM. The band was LOUD, I like it loud, but really this was too loud. My ears were ringing for a day after the show. I remember a thundering version of Going Down. His bantams were OK but not up to his level. It was great to see Entwhistle, but I couldn't help thinking, how is it possible that this man from all the great NYC shows I had seen, Central Park, Fillmore East, Forest Hills, Shea Stadium, what was he doing in this dive. A place that only sold beer cans from buckets of ice. Well, that's all I really remember, I love your WHO site, I can imagine what a tremendous amount of work it took to put it together as well as maintain it.

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John Entwistle in Bay Shore, NY