John Entwistle

Fri, 23 October 1998:

Springfield, VA, Jaxx Night Club


Horror Rock, The Real Me, My Size, Sometimes, Success Story, Trick Of The Light, When The Sun Comes Up, Under A Raging Moon, 905, Had Enough, Shakin' All Over, The Darker Side Of Life, Endless Vacation, Too Late The Hero, Heaven And Hell, Young Man Blues


"Matinee Madness" soundcheck featured these songs: Twist and Shout, 905, The Real Me, Too Late the Hero, When The Sun Comes Up, Horror Rock.


Rob Nargi

The John Entwistle Band roared through a 2 hour plus set last night that ended slightly before two AM and has left my ears still ringing here almost 11 hours later. I expected a professional show but what I got blew me away. This band not only rocks, but they were having a BLAST!! Godfrey Townsend is an incredible guitarist. I was front row and had the pleasure of watching him from 5 feet away and I'll tell you, I was not expecting that kind of energy. He sings very well, too. He performed vocals on at least half of the songs. John is John, you all know what that means. I felt incredibly fortunate to be standing seemingly right next to him and watch the man perform his magic. What a sight...All I can say....Steve Loungo was incredible on drums. I cannot believe the stamina this man had last night. He must practice 10 hours a day to be able to perform like that. I'll detatil some of his highlites in a moment. Gordon Cotton, their "new" keyboardist, was also rocking. I had the chance to speak to him after the show and he said he'd been with the band since May. At times he had that deer in the headlights look as he watched John for the changes, etc, but then again the whole crowd did, too!!

The set was a great mix of old Who, Solo stuff, and new stuff from an album to be released in January. If that wasn't good enough, we were informed that the show (as all are on this leg of the tour) was being recorded for a live album due out in summer. Set List:
Intro, Real Me, My Size, Sometimes, Success Story, Trick of the Light, Sun Comes Up, Under a Raging Moon, 905, Had Enough, Shakin' All Over, Darker Side, Endless, Too Late the Hero, Heaven and Hell, Young Mans Blues.


Success Story...Odd to hear the line "I'm pushing 21"! Also never thought I'd never hear it done live

Sun Comes Up...New song, really rocks

Raging Moon....Great solo by Steve, started a bit routine and then went ballistic....

905....Audience Fave, they really kicked it

Shakin All Over....Great audience participation, awesome solo by Godfrey

Too Late...Brought out extra keys for Godfrey, John in great voice

H&H....Unreal "duel" between John and Steve. Seemed to go on for hours. I felt I was peering into someone elses dream.

YMB....You all know what goes on, just awesome.

If you are within 100 miles of this show and don't go, you are crazy. After the show, John came out of the bus and signed autos, talked a bit and was generally very cool. The rest of the band, also. I managed to get picks from John and Godfrey, and a signed set list (Which had My Wife as the finale, but by the time YMB was over they had played about 30 minutes over). All in all, one of the top shows I've seen in years. If you were there, I was the guy in the Blue Oyster Cult t shirt in standing in a trance up front.

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