The Who

Sun, 02 December 1979:

Pittsburgh, PA, Civic Arena


I Can't Explain
Baba O'Riley
The Punk And The Godfather
Boris The Spider
My Wife
Sister Disco
Behind Blue Eyes
Music Must Change
Who Are You
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me
Long Live Rock
My Generation
I Can See For Miles
I'm London
Won't Get Fooled Again

Magic Bus
Dancing In The Streets
Dance It Away


Unknow Townshend song "I Send You A Letter/I'm London"


David Kielbowick

I have a personal story related to the concert in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in December 1979. During the concert some idiots were tossing firecracker to the top of the auditorium. Pete stopped the show and cursed the audience and his line when
something like... wheter your eyes are blue green, brown everyone deserves the right to see and not have them blown out by some *%^#*&$% idiotsa t concert. He then threatened to walk off the stage if it continued.

This was my first major rock concert and it just blew me away. i told my mom... as I was only in high school at the time and she grudgingly said ... well thats good. She almost had a stroke during the next evening when the reports starting coming out about the unfortunate events in cincintti.

The steelers our football time was also playing the the cinncy team the day of the concert and Pete remarked about the steelers winning and they were going to play in ccinncy the next night. he received a pretty good round of boos ... lighthearted boos.

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