The Who

Wed, 22 November 1967:

Detroit, MI, Southfield High School


I Can't Explain, Substitute, A Quick One (While He's Away), Run Run Run, Mary Ann With The Shaky Hands, I Can See For Miles, Summertime Blues, My Generation


Setlist taken from The Who's Facebook Page.


Sheldon Stern

Thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures from my Who archives. I hope you don't mind a little background for these pictures.

In 1967 I was only 14 years old. I was a sophomore in high school. The high school I attended, Southfield High School, is in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, USA. The Who performed in our gymnasium in November of that year. There were probably about 1,000 people at that show. There were two opening acts at this particular concert. They were both local Detroit bands that I had seen many times in the local clubs. One band, The Unrelated Segments, went on to total obscurity. The other band, The Amboy Dukes, had a young guitar player who was pretty amazing. His name...Ted Nugent.

Anyway, what I remember from that concert is being totally overwhelmed. I was probably about 30 feet from the stage. Keith was on fire. I remember shattered drumsticks flying 10-20 rows deep into the audience. Pete was amazing, and Roger with that spinning microphone, it was unforgettable. I remember Magic Bus, Can't Explain, I Can See For Miles, Happy Jack and a host of others. What I remember most was the total destruction of the stage during My Generation. It was fantastic. I was hooked on The Who. The attached pictures appeared in the 1968 Southfield High School yearbook. I have told this story to many people, and most don't believe me. These pics are the only proof I have.

I have seen The Who many times since then. The old Grande Ballroom (pronounced Grandee) was my favorite venue. Seeing The Who perform there was always a no holds barred, full on party.

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The Who in Detroit, MI


Pictures from from Sheldon Stern's Who archives Pictures from from Sheldon Stern's Who archives Pictures from from Sheldon Stern's Who archives