Roger Daltrey

Sat, 17 September 1994:

Atlanta, GA, Chastain Park


Another Tricky Day, Naked Eye, 5.15, Behind Blue Eyes, Won't Get Fooled Again


Kent Kimes

At the last minute, I decided to attend this gig, recruited some friends, and, was pleasantly surprised, if not blown away. It has been a long time, but since there's no info on this show, there are bits I do remember. They did indeed perform: Another Tricky Day, Naked Eye, 5.15, and I remember being impressed that Daltrey knew what real Who fans wanted to hear.

You could not really hear the orchestra - the band drowned 'em out.

I also remember him stopping "Behind Blue Eyes" halfway through because he couldn't hit the high notes - then on the immediate next number - "Won't Get Fooled Again" - he leveled the place with the iconic scream.

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Roger Daltrey in Atlanta, GA