The Who

Wed, 08 November 2006:

San Jose, CA, HP Pavilion


I Can't Explain
The Seeker
Who Are You
Behind Blue Eyes
Sound Round
Pick Up The Peace
Endless Wire
We Got A Hit
They Made My Dream Come True
Mirror Door
Baba O'Riley
Eminence Front
A Man In A Purple Dress
Black Widow's Eyes
Mike Post Theme
You Better You Bet
My Generation
Cry If You Want
Won't Get Fooled Again

Pinball Wizard
Amazing Journey
See Me Feel Me
Tea And Theatre

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The Who delivers uneven show in San Jose

For Halloween, the two remaining original members of the Who -- vocalist Roger Daltrey and guitarist Pete Townshend -- masqueraded as real recording a... Continue reading
(The Mercury News, 09-11-2006)

Who caught between forging ahead, debts to past

(11-09) 12:23 PST -- With half the original members dead and a two-hour show based substantially on the band's first new album in 24 years, the Who ca... Continue reading
(San Francisco Chronicle, 09-11-2006)


Chaz Guitar

What a fantastic show from The Who - their first concert in Northern California since Shoreline in 2004 and coming just a week after the release of their amazing new album "Endless Wire". The band came out to stupendous cheers and Pete noted that we are "still here"! We're always "here and now", Pete! Perhaps he meant we're still here after one of the most hideous awful horrible opening acts I've ever seen open for the Who.
I don't know who they were or why anyone allowed them to play but they were even more hideous than that lousy band "Unamerican" in 2000. Let's NOT have any opening bands, guys! How about using that time to play some nice rarities from the archives! Naked Eye? Magic Bus? Anything like that? OK, end of rant...

The band hit the stage rockin'! I Can't Explain sounded perfect! Very Rockin'! The Seeker is a real treat to have back in rotation. My big complaint is that they cut out a large chunk out of the song. At the bridge, it's all going along very well as Roger sings "People tend to hate me because I never smile. As I ransack their homes they wanna shake my hand." The next line is supposed to be "Focus in on Nowhere Investigating Miles, I'm a Seeker, I'm a really desperate man!" perhaps my favourite line of the song, so, of course, I notice that they're skipping it and skimping on it! That line leads right into the GUITAR SOLO, one of Pete's best, wouldn't it be nice to hear the freaking solo? Simon could do some jangly textures. Please do the whole song! Then, after the solo, it should go into a second bridge with the words "I learned to raise my voice in anger..." Other than this major quibble, the song sounds righteous. I just feel that editing out those major portions of the song weaken the impact. To me, the song is like a classical work and it deserves to be played as it was written with the full lyrics and solos! As a fan, I pay big bucks to see these shows and I know that when the Who practices their arrangements, they damn sure get it right! See my review of Star Lake, PA 2000: "after the amusing trainwreck in Detroit"... That was also the Seeker! OK, end of another rant!

Substitute was a completely flawless version that had us dancing and rocking out! Fragments was incredible! Great tune! Fantastic visuals on the screen! Roger's voice is amazing! Pete's guitar work is jamming! Who are You was on fire! They rocked with a vengeance! Pete was getting some beautiful controlled feedback through his guitar rig during the middle section. Extremely musical and artistic. Behind Blue Eyes was sublime and beautiful. Powerful and molten hot magma for the jam! Then we hit the heavy hitters from the new album! They all freaking ROCK, nobody complains about the new material because it is so FREAKING AWESOME! I'd say: Get the new CD!! This was the complete "compressed" mini-opera Wire and Glass and boy does it ever ROCK!! An astounding work, flawlessly performed! Bravo! Eminence Front was on fire! Pete is just crushing on that guitar! Everyone loves this song! The best!!!

A Man in a Purple Dress is one of my absolute faves! It's nice to hear the two of them command the stage with such authority. Pete+Roger=THE WHO! So inherently WHO, there is no question! Those two carry the torch and this song is a welcome sentiment of righteous anger against those religious self-righteous bigots who would condemn someone like Pete who was wrongfully smeared as a sexual deviant, when it's usually these awful priests in their fancy dress who are the real sexual perverts. Leave it to Pete to write such an eloquent response! Loved this song on the David Letterman show and it just keeps getting better. Black Widow's Eyes is another fantastic song, apparently about someone getting kidnapped and falling in love with the kidnapper. Kinda freaky subject, but, hey, it works! Mike Post Theme is yet another gem from the new record...

I was daydreaming about the "Face Dances" LP (which I love!) and they suddenly launched into You Better You Bet! Roger has finally really nailed this vocal, especially the phrasing around the "old T Rex" section, a tricky part to sing. So, hats off to Roger! His voice is sounding great, despite the usual complaints we always hear about his voice! Rog is doing a fantastic job!!! My Generation was smokin'! Absolutely balls-to-the-wall! This is their signature and it did not disappoint! You may notice that I follow this with Cry If You Want Blues because it isn't really a proper version of Cry If You Want. I, for one, am sick and tired of everybody, especially the band, putting down the "It's Hard" LP.

It's a great freaking album, listen to it! Loud!!! It sure would be nice to hear Athena, Cook's County, It's Hard, A Man Is A Man or I've Known No War! Great songs! Anyway, it's nice to hear them do a version of it even as a blues jam, a tip of the hat!

Won't Get Fooled Again was a powerful definitive version. It featured some more artistic creative feedback sculptures from Pete. Absolute genius. Did I mention that Zak kicks ass on the drums? Well, he totally does! Pinball Wizard is always goosebumps time and this version was no exception! This featured a smooth transition into an amazing Amazing Journey and Sparks, a song with great personal meaning for me, that it is a supreme personal pleasure for me to see them perform it live so righteously! See Me Feel Me is one of those iconic rock'n'roll moments that never disappoints and Listening to You stands as the anthem of anthems! Tea And Theatre is a poignant little ditty that sent us all home with huge smiles! Thanks, guys! Peace.

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