The Who

Wed, 22 November 2006:

Atlanta, GA, Gwinnett Center


I Can't Explain
The Seeker
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
Who Are You
Behind Blue Eyes
Real Good Looking Boy
Sound Round
Pick Up The Peace
Endless Wire
We Got A Hit
They Made My Dream Come True
Mirror Door
Baba O'Riley
Eminence Front
A Man In A Purple Dress
Mike Post Theme
You Better You Bet
My Generation
Cry If You Want
Won't Get Fooled Again

Pinball Wizard
Amazing Journey
See Me Feel Me
Tea And Theatre



My first 'Oo and I will never forget it. The band was amazing even though it's just Pete and Roger left. The backing band was very good too, Rabbit wasn't there, Pete said his wife was sick, so Rabbit's keyboard tech did it for him and did a very nice job. The setlist was great, opeaning with "I Can't Explain", just like in the old days. My seats were in the back of the arena, but it didn't matter because the Gwinnet Civic Arena is so small we still had a great view of the band and the stage. I wonder why they didn't play at Phillips Arena in downtown Atlanta which is twice the size of Gwinnet Center? The Pretenders opeaned the show and although I'm not a huge Pretenders fan the did a good job and a very good job warming up the crowd. Pete was very talkative that night and he had alot of energy that night performing all his old moves. Roger was also very into it swinging his microphone and sometimes talking to the crowd. I think one of the most well played songs that night was one I never heard before, "Real Good Looking Boy" it was an increible song and I'm still singing it in my head. It was a great show by a great band and if they are able to tour again, and if they come though Atlanta again, I will definitly see them again.


Tremendous show. The Gwinnett Civic Arena was a much better choice than Phillips Arena in Atlanta. Sound was great. Pete announced that Rabbbit's wife is dying and that he (Rabbit) is by her side until he dies, then "he will return". His keyboard tech sat in and did fine. Some angst on the floor due to the atronomical ticket prices and the amount of new songs. This pricing schema will destroy more Who fans than needle drugs and festival seating combined. Most peole in the greater atlantaland area have to work very hard for $200. I scored a cheap ticket off Ebay for $60 which put me in the 10th row. For $60 this was a tremendous show. For $200, Pete should have to come over and make pancakes while Roger vaccuums. In spite of the financial sodomy, the boys delivered. Zak, Simon and Pino earned their scale. Also, the Pretenders set an awesome mood. Chrissy Hynde is better than ever.

Hal White

The show was AWESOME! You could not have asked for more! Pete and Roger were in top form, looking great and playing great. Pete had great interaction with the audience, letting everyone know how grateful he was for our being there. The set list was perfect! Most of the show was the "old stuff", with songs from the new CD mixed in at perfect times. Pete informed the audience that they would be playing a small portion of the mini-opera, "Endless Wire", and that it would only be twelve minutes in duration. He seemed very humble in letting us know this in advance. I say, play whatever you want as long as you want. The excerpt from Endless Wire was great and the images on the screen behind the stage were enjoyable all show long. The show remained very strong all the way through Won't Get Fooled Again and Pinball Wizard, etc. The acoustic Tea and Theatre encore was a perfect ending to a perfect show. As far as ticket prices go, I thought they were a great value for the performance given.

John Hocking

This was the fourth time I've seen The Who, all in Atlanta - 1975 with Keith; 1979 shortly before the Cincinatti tragedy; and 1990 in Atlanta were the previous three.

I thought last night's show was the best of the four. The sound was superb. Great setlist. They did a nice job of balancing new stuff with classics, thus pleasing most of us who wanted to go back in time and be at Leeds in 1970, yet playing enough new songs to avoid becoming dinasaurs, a la the Rolling Stones.

The last time I saw them, Pete was covering his ears in pain. Last night he played like a legend - windmill power chords, a couple of leaps, but most importantly, he just plain sounded fantastic. I Can't Explain was a great opener because it's a good song, and it revealed how good the whole show was going to sound due to the crysal clear, LOUD sound. I don't know if it's possible to overstate the role that power and volume play in makig a Who concert unique. I believe their best songs, although small in number compared to a Springsteen or the Rolling Stones, for example, are the best, hard, hard rock that's ever been written or performed.

Baba O'Riley was energetic and so exciting because this was the evening first taset of the hardest rock ever written, perfomed by the guy who wrote it, with the best equpment in existence, set-up perfectly to project that power.

Behind Blue Eyes was incredible - the relatively soft long intro contrasted perfectly with the heavy metalish section when everybody, especially Pete, kicks in. The set closer, "Won't Get Fooled Again," replicated the version that closes, "The Kids are Alright," but with a huge added kick, Live and louder.

They took a long break, perhaps 4-5 miniutes before coming back for the encore, which consisted of the most of Tommy I've ever seen them play - about 15 minutes. It was like listening to Live at Leeds, except in-person. Every song of the Tommy medley was played in it's entirety. Rock and roll is at its best when experienced live and loud. If there is any band that has ever played better, liver or louder or harder rock, I've never heard them. Last night the kids were better than alright. They played the best rock and roll that has ever been or ever will be. It was worth every penny of $200. Someday, my daughter will tell her grand children that her father saw The Who on a night they nailed it.

Mike and Marc Starcke

Tonight in Atlanta we were absolutely thrilled by what we witnessed! It was an amazing night full of emotional highs more so that have been previously experienced.

Here are hilights and thoughts from tonight's show.

Right from the start you could tell the enthusiasm from the crowd was extreme, that expressed itself thru out the night.

Pete's windmills during ICE and AAA were numerous and explosive.

Pete slid across Roger on his knees during WGFA and put his hands together in prayer when Roger sang "and i get on my knees and pray" - unlike anything we've ever seen in Who history! And this was just one of many things we've never seen before at a Who concert.

Another moment during MG, Pete stood on top of a monitor and lipped angry words (unknown at press time, lol) at the crowd that was as vicious as
I've ever seen ... it went on forever.

The windmills by Pete were a record breaking in numbers - easily!

Pete punched his guitar strings angrily during a song that is NOT called for ...which, I almost think YBYB.

Roger swung his mic 4 times during pinball wizard ... never saw this before ever

Roger swung his mic more during this show than I've witnessed in many years.

During "Tea and Theater", Roger's mic did not work, so Roger threw his mic down and started stomping on it and spilling the liquid in his tea mug ... very angrily.

We've seen this alot recently. But the standing ovation for BOR was overwhelmingly long, loud, and never ending.

Pete and Roger both interacted, smiled, and played off each other all night long

The crowd was 100% receptive, thrilled and energized from start to finish, including during W&G- standing at every seat in the arena, which ignited Pete & Roger.

This is the most standing ovations I have ever seen at any of the 30+ Who shows I've been to.

The energy between Pete and Roger and Zak and the rest of the band was something to be seen to be believed. The interaction between the band and
the audience is something not seen in many years. The connection between us and them was unparallel to any show ever experienced before.

We interviewed over 60 fans, and they all thought it was the best concert ever!

Ultimately this evening proved that Pete and Roger were more emotionally involved in this particular show that we've ever witnessed before. And I feel this was mutually driven by the energy and bond between the band and the audience.

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