The Who

Sat, 25 November 2006:

Philadelphia, PA, Wachovia Center


I Can't Explain
The Seeker
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
Who Are You
Behind Blue Eyes
Sound Round
Pick Up The Peace
Endless Wire
We Got A Hit
They Made My Dream Come True
Mirror Door
Baba O'Riley
Eminence Front
A Man In A Purple Dress
Mike Post Theme
You Better You Bet
My Generation
Cry If You Want
Won't Get Fooled Again

Pinball Wizard
Amazing Journey
See Me Feel Me
Tea And Theatre


Mike Starcke

Just finished the 4th show in 6 nights and the band is still on fire. I've been kind of b*tching a bit about Zak's lack of fire and conviction on the drums as he had been relentless about in 2000-2004. But after what I witness'd last night, well... I'll shut up for now because Zak was at his best in a long time, you can literally feel the energy level matching yours as he filled those rolls and pounded the bass drums. Pino's just plain brilliant and I've said that since 2002 unwavered. One of the highlights of the night was when Marc pointed out to me that Pete was mimicking Pino's bass playing as he was air-fingering his guitar during Pino's MG solo, it was another Pete moment to behold and Pete just absolutely adores Pino's bass solo and his bass playing overall as he just beams with smiles when he's jamming with him. Roger's voice is still going strong, it sounds to me to be as powerful as ever and to stare up at the stage at that man and look at him you feel like you're looking at the 79/80 Rog.

The Philly crowd was just as energetic as the last time, standing on their feet all night and once again, as it seems to be a tradition now, Baba get's another long standing ovation. Our Wonderful Meg came through again and got us into the 3rd row, it was Becky, Lauri, Meg, Joyce, Marc and I in front of Roger to Pete way. The girls made signs and one that I can recall said YOU MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE and they received wonderful acknowledgement from Pete and Rog. They had a few more signs that received great acknowledgement, the other was one that said YOU TURNED US INTO MUSIC. The other was one that said SHAKE YOUR ASS PETE and although I did see him do a little shake, I can't recall now if it was just then as the sign was held up. The girls received an enormous amount of feedback from the boys and Pete referred to them as the "beautiful women". Marc and I decided to go the funny route and made a sign that said IF THERE REALLY IS A GOD WE SHOULD GET LAID TODAY receiving a smile and a thumbs up by Roger and a goofy grin and chuckle from Pete. The interaction is second to none and I'm afraid I am getting spoiled fookin rotten now!

MIAPD is just getting more and more dramatic and balls to the walls, I feel the fans "getting it" each and every time. Roger's veins in his neck look like they're going to pop. I'd hate to be any arse wipe who dares to get up on that stage at that moment.

Pete was in vicious form once again with windmills galore, pounding and beating his guitar especially during the MG and WGFA. And during AJ Pete did an amazing triplet slide with his guitar strings against the mic stand. Fookin brilliant it was!! He and the band clearly love Philadelphia and Pete made comments from the stage on how much he does, not sure exact words but Marc will probably correct my memory.

Overall, once again another fiery and on show as have been all 4 from Florida to Philly. Borgata may have been not as fiery and on but it was the loudest and crispest sounding. It was an audience that wasn't exactly sending the energy vibes, and to me that is what the band feeds off of.

Having said that, during one of Pete's guitar jams I was so pumped up and I knew I had Pete directly in front of me so I felt compelled to lean in and clench my teeth and violently point and punch and swing and rock and stare at him as long as I can. Well, I kid you not, (and Marc even punched me on the shoulder with eyes as wide as wide can be, and as my unsuspecting witness) Pete fookin beat that guitar sh*t and we locked eye for about 10 to 15 seconds in venom spewed angry eye suspension, if I dreamed it then kick me in the groin and pinch me, but all I can say...


The clincher was during Tea & Theatre, the girls and Marc and I brought in tea mugs and saluted Pete, Rog and the band and even William Snyder turned around and snapped photos of us!!

On to Hershey PA where the rafters will knock!

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