The Who

Tue, 19 June 2007:

Oberhausen, König Pilsener Arena


I Can't Explain
The Seeker
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
Who Are You
Behind Blue Eyes
Real Good Looking Boy
Sound Round
Pick Up The Peace
Endless Wire
We Got A Hit
They Made My Dream Come True
Mirror Door
Baba O'Riley
A Man In A Purple Dress
You Better You Bet
My Generation
Cry If You Want
Won't Get Fooled Again

The Kids Are Alright
Pinball Wizard
Amazing Journey
See Me Feel Me
Tea And Theatre


Setlist confirmed by Otmar!

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Wenn das Mikrophon wie ein Lasso kreist

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(Wochen-Anzeiger Oberhausen, 23-06-2007)



Auch zwei Tage nach der Show in Oberhausen bin ich noch restlos begeistert.

Nach einem launischen Auftritt von The Cult schlenderten Roger und Pete auf die Bühne und legten die drei "Can´t Explain", "The Seeker" und "Anyway" gut gelaunt auf die Bühne. Roger traf bei "Behind Blue Eyes" seinen Einsatz zwar nicht ganz, löste damit aber nur gute Stimmung in der Halle aus. Die Stimmung wurde sowohl auf der Bühne,als auch in der Halle zunehmend klasse. Es wurde gut mitgerockt zu den Klassikern und zu "Wire & Glass", das die Jungs vollständig brachten.

Pete war aussergewöhnlich gut gelaunt und brachte die Halle besonders durch die "Who´s next"-Klassiger "Baba" und "Won´t get fooled again" zum kochen.

Rogers Stimme hielt super durch; Pete begeisterte mit einem "Drowned", das natürlich Wünsche nach mehr Quadrophenia aufkommen liess (noch ein "I'm one" hinterher hätte den Abend perfekt gemacht).

Nach zwei Stunden und 20 Minuten waren die beiden sichtlich am Ende Ihrer Kräfte, und meine Stimme war stark angegriffen.

Ein geiler Abend - bitte kommt wieder!


Arrived at 19:00, concert was about to begin at 20:00 - but the Arena wasn´t even half filled at that time.

So we got a place in the 6th or 7th row-very close to the stage without any trouble. And still enough space left for everybody to move!

What a good feeling to be among such a lot of other Who fans - didn't feel as a lonely Who fighter at all last night.

The Cult played good - although I don't know them, I was placed in a Cult fans crowd - quite funny. The singer started arguing with a Who fan in the first row-very unnecessary from the singer and he got "buuhs". Glad when they left the stage.

After a while-at about 21:15 or so The Who entered the stage and I was close to a heart attack, when I realized Pete is a real person. I saw him at about 5 or 6 meters away from me walking up the stairs. And I shouted, just a little bit hysterical, at him (wasn't the only one).

Roger followed him. I cried even more.

Both looked younger and better then I expected, especially Roger was looking quite handsome for a guy in his age. Both were dressed in black jeans and shirt, Roger wore his blue glasses.

They started with I Can't explain. BANG BANG BANG! The crowd sang along with them as one person! That song was already my first sentimental moment, watching them perform with Keith and John on the screen in the background - I took one pic with all of them on it! And I got goose bumps. Almost all the time.

Can't really tell you the setlist (too excited)-but was the same as in Leipzig I guess.

They did a great show! My personal highlight was "You better you bet" - fantastic performance. Roger at his best!

While Behind Blue Eyes Roger forgot the lyrics. He started laughing at once and took one step back from the microphone, shaking his head, laughing at Pete, which was quite a nice scene. Pete and the audience helped him, they started all over again. I loved Roger for that, he was so sweet!

They also played the Mini Opera, unfortunately the audience didn't seem to be into very much their new songs and I was the only one singing along with them when they played their new songs. (Well, in my area of the Arena)

Man in a purple Dress was brilliant, IMO. Another highlight of mine!

People were looking at me quite disturbed because I sang along so fervently- n o one around me knew the lyrics. So sad.

Rogers voice was good - became a little bit weaker at the end, but still great to me. At one song it broke in the beginning and he had to laugh again, the audience too. He started again, and it went well.

Another heartbeat moment: Waiting for him to scream at Won’t get fooled again. And he did, and it was as I expected to be! My heart almost stood still. Must have been the same with the others around me. What a respond from the audience!

About the audience in general: Aged 45 up, I was one of the youngest - had three or four young mods standing next to me - aged 17 or so. They sang along all the old songs but didn't know the new ones at all. But had big fun! Good to see such young fans.

And Roger saw them to as they were very loud and jumping up and down. He smiled at the boys and they were happy.

Oh, and a woman undressed herself, showing her boobs, sitting on someones shoulders. Pete and Roger didn't really react, as far as I could see. Hm ... are they getting old? As the boobs were very nice. Well, at least the guys around me enjoyed it.

Some sentimental thoughts of mine during the concert: Strange to realize that those men on stage knew Keith and John very good. Seeing them 5 meters away from me made that thought/fact even more hard for me. They talked to them, spend so many time with them. Such a lot of questions I could ask them about Keith in that moment. Made me hesitate for a while. I'm a sentimental cow, nevermind.

I'm so happy I went there. First I was afraid of seeing someone else then Keith playing the drums, but that was alright, as I never saw Keith live
it's like a dream come true to me, especially being so close to the stage. Can't stop looking at the pics I took during the concert...

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