The Who

Sat, 23 June 2007:

Cheshire, Knowsley Hall


I Can't Explain
The Seeker
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
Who Are You
Behind Blue Eyes
Real Good Looking Boy
Baba O'Riley
A Man In A Purple Dress
You Better You Bet
My Generation
Cry If You Want
Won't Get Fooled Again

The Kids Are Alright
Pinball Wizard
Amazing Journey
See Me Feel Me
Tea And Theatre


CIYW added to setlist!


Glen Bridge

Having in the past being made to travel far and wide to see the Who live it was a pleasure to have to travel just a couple of miles this time and also at the Liverpool Summer Pops last year. That's twice in under a year that they have played Merseyside - making up for the over twenty year wait since the last gig!
This was the first Knowsley festival and the organisers are hoping that this will be an annual affair - a fact underlined by the near obscene police presence to ensure that it went without a hitch, which aside from horrific weather and non existent pathways on-site it pretty much did. Funnily enough I think that extreme weather can bring the best out of a festival crowd and that certainly applied here as the crowd went mental. By far the best Who audience I have ever experienced, helped, I'm convinced by the sheets of rain that started early in the set and didn't let up till the end.
I was worried that they would play it safe as it were due to the following nights much anticipated headlining slot at Glastonbury. I am happy to admit I was totally wrong and the band played a blazing set worthy of any other Who line-up. Rog's voice was full of power and majesty, Pete gave it 100% and got really into it during the extended improvised sections (especially My Generation), Zak was flawless and Simon, Pino and Rabbit added their own inimitable magic to ensure that this current Who line up is a 'band' in the purest sense.
It is satisfying to see Pete and Rog look at a wild and untamed crowd such as this and be moved enough to play such a vital, fresh sounding gig without it veering into any noticable comfort zone. I just hope that they don't call it a day anytime soon as it appears that they are becoming the standard by which all other rock bands shall be judged. Loud, raw and totally believable as a modern day rock experience. Bands earlier on the bill take note - you may have strong tunes but to move a crowd you have to physically give it your all. It says a lot that two blokes in the autumn on their performing career can do this but younger bands just don't seem to think it matters. It does and the crowd respondes in kind.
Highlights of a brilliantly executed set set included a very long and funky My Generation, Amazing Journey/Sparks and Relay was also superb - as was the lot really. All in all this was a GREAT gig - and having watched the Glastonbury footage last night on TV (where the Who were brilliant but NOT as good as at Knowsley in my opinion) I'm happy to say that I was surrounded by my fellow insane scousers who pushed the band into performing at the highest level possible. Ask Pete & Rog and the gang and I bet they would agree with me.

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The Who in Cheshire


Knowsley, Cheshire UK 23rd June 2007 (Photo by Patrick) Roger Daltrey, Knowsley, Cheshire UK 23rd June 2007 (Photo by Patrick) Pete live in Knowsley, Cheshire UK 23rd June 2007 (Photo by Patrick) Pino Palladino live in Knowsley, Cheshire UK 23rd June 2007 (Photo by Patrick) Pete live in Knowsley, Cheshire UK 23rd June 2007 (Photo by Patrick)