The Who

Thu, 22 November 1973:

Los Angeles, CA, LA Forum


I Can't Explain
Summertime Blues
My Wife
My Generation
I Am The Sea
The Real Me
The Punk And The Godfather
I'm One
Helpless Dancer
Sea And Sand
Bell Boy
Doctor Jimmy
Love Reign O'er Me
Won't Get Fooled Again
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me
My Generation
Let's See Action
Magic Bus
Naked Eye
Baby Don't You Do It


The dates of the LA-Forum shows were unsure. Some sources say 22.11.1973 and 23.11.1973, others say 23.11.1973 and 24.11.1973. Steve Kurasch confirmed the first two dates (22.11.1973 and 23.11.1973). He wrote: "L.A. Forum, 22 November 1973, 9th row. The concerts were on a Thursday and Friday. Thursday was Thanksgiving, and my friend and I went to this concert. It was pouring rain outside. Opening act was Lynyrd Skynyrd. There was an encore - Baby Don't You Do It. At the end, Townsend smashed his guitar. L.A. Forum, 23 November 1973, front row. I recall the concert was virtually the same as the preceding night, but no encore." Dave Marsh confirms Steve Kurasch.


Don West

Yes, Thursday (Thanksgiving) and Friday as I remember. I was in the 2nd row for the Thursday show (and have pictures to prove it!!). I remember a friend near me saying, "... oh, The Who never do encores ..." and they did. "oh, Pete Townshend doesn't smash his guitar any more ..." And he DID.
A highlight show of my life. Lynyrd Skynyrd opened, and I recall next to nothing of their set ... I was waytoo amped to see THE WHO.

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Support Act: Lynyrd Skynyrd

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The Who in Los Angeles, CA


Roger (Photo: Don West) John, Pete, Roger and Keith (Photo: Don West) Pete (Photo: Don West) Pete Townshend (Photo: Don West)