The Who

Mon, 03 December 1973:

Boston, MA, Garden


I Can't Explain
Summertime Blues
My Wife
My Generation
I Am The Sea
The Real Me
The Punk And The Godfather
I'm One
Sea And Sand
Bell Boy
Doctor Jimmy
Love Reign O'er Me
Won't Get Fooled Again
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me


Nob Boffin

The band came out on stage after a rousing set by the warm-up group, the then unknown Lynyrd Skynyrd. The cramped, packed and out of control Garden crowd rose as one, greeting their heroes. The Who tore through the first four songs with a vengeance and then introduced songs from the Quadrophenia album. Although it had been out for over a month, most of the crowd seemed unfamiliar with the tunes and began to get restless. Pete sensed this and scolded the crowd for their lack of attention. Audience members began to yell requests during some of the quieter moments which seemed to piss off the band. All momentum was regained when the opening refrain of "Won't Get Fooled Again" sounded. The Garden went crazy. At the end of the song, with the spotlight on Pete, he slid across the stage on his knees, as he played the final chord before Roger sang,"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss". To me, it was the defining moment of rock and roll. As I recall, after the last song, "See Me, Feel Me", The Who left the stage, pissed off, and did not perform an encore, the only major group I have seen that responded in that manner.

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The Who in Boston, MA