John Entwistle

Wed, 07 February 1996:

Indianapolis, IN, World Mardi Gras Club


No known setlist


New Add from Bill Redford. Any info about the date is welcome.


Bill Redford

This gig may have been a last minute booking; it seems to have gone unreported. John and his band played at the World Mardi Gras club in Indianapolis IN. I had justmoved from NY to Indianapolis and saw the show advertised in the local paper (this was pre-Internet!).

I belive the date to be the 7th ... I was in training on day shift for my new job and attended the show that night. I don't have aticket stub since I ordered the ticket on the phone and it was "will call".

Toby Myers from John Mellencamp's band was in the audience. The set was a mix of some Who numbers and a few solo tunes, several of which were off "The Rock" CD. The line-up was John Entwistle, Godfrey Townshend, Steve Luongo and Alan St. John.

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John Entwistle in Indianapolis, IN