The Who

Sat, 25 April 2015:

New Orleans, LA, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival


I Can't Explain
The Seeker
Who Are You
Squeeze Box
I Can See For Miles
My Generation
Pictures Of Lily
Magic Bus
Behind Blue Eyes
Join Together
You Better You Bet
Eminence Front
I'm One
Love Reign O'er Me
Amazing Journey
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me
Baba O'Riley
Won't Get Fooled Again

Newspaper Review

The Who brought 50 years' worth of rock power to the New Orleans Jazz Fest

The Who by numbers at Jazz Fest: Union Jack coffee mug on the drum riser: one. Curse words – about nine. Roger Daltrey harmonica solos: three. Pete ...
(The Times - Picayune, 25-04-2015)



The Who's 1st show in nola since 1971 at The Warehouse was a great one. Pete and Roger both said the city had treated them well in the past and they were glad to be back. I guess we treated them so well that they waited 43 years to come back.

Pete was in a very positive, talkative mood throughout. Didnt affect his performance negatively, though. Roger was smiling alot early, but got serious the second half. He was annoyed with his harmonica during Magic Bus especially, and was less smiley after that.

The set was truncated a bit due to time/noise curfew restrictions. The festival is at the Fairgrounds racetrack, which is in a highly residential area (Mid-City), so Jazzfest has to play ball with the neighbors and not have loud music, vehical traffic and drunken pedestrians in the neighborhood all night. 7pm it shuts down...period.

Amazing setlist. All the standard hits that casual fans want, plus a number of songs that I had never seen them play in person before: ICSFM (really tight version), Magic Bus, Join Together (with keyboardist playing jew's harp and be-hatted utility musician/backing vocalist playing harmonica), Pictures of Lily and Squeeze Box.

Funny moment with Pics of Lily. Pete apparently had the original setlist and the rest of the band had the truncated one. He did a long intro about masturbation, then was wondering why Zak wasnt clicking it off to start. Roger informed Pete that Pictures of Lily wasn't in the set, and Pete then let everyone know he was given the wrong setlist. Roger blamed the roadies. Pete went ahead and had the band play about half of Pictures of Lily as a little bonus treat.

Also, Roger apparently had no setlist at all to start the show, so after the Seeker (2nd song) only Pete seemed to think he knew what the next song was, so he prompted Zak to click off to start Kids are Alright but only Pete and Simon came in with the opening vocal. They then figured out Kids had been cut. It was funny as Rog and Pete bickered over it. Roger then told the crowd, "It might be a good idea to have a list of the songs we are playing." He then got it from a roadie.

Squeeze Box was a complete surprise to me. They definitely threw a curveball with that one. The behatted utility guy played banjo on it. Not a fav song of mine, but still cool because I have never seen them play it in person.

Roger's voice was mostly in fine form. It came and went a couple of times, but I thought he was confident, powerful and attacking the notes. I think he sounds much better than he did 10-12 years ago. On LROM he spewed water as he let out a scream that would have been great even for a 25 year-old Daltrey. It really caught me off guard, to be honest. Of course, he botched the end of the song. Instead of the falsetto "Loooooove" that he had been doing the last 25 or so years, he now is doing the opposite. He starts mid-range, then repeats "love" several times at a lower note each time. The final "love" is supposed to be a rumbling, ominous bass note that I suppose is a nod to John's French horn in the original version. Rog's voice cracked, however, so he said, "lets try that again," and then hit it as the band played the finish.

Quick note on LROM. The white-haired guy playing the piano intro seemed to be taking some liberties with it and drawing it out to the point where Pete appeared to ask Zak, "How long is he gonna go with this?" Was a bit awkward because there was no light show (daytime, outdoor show), and Roger was standing there eyes closed with his hands raised to be dramatic, while we could see Pete and Zak laughing about the self-indulgent piano intro.

Amazing Journey/Sparks is always a highlight for me live. It's one of those that will just always be in their wheelhouse. Spectacular.

The other highlight was Roger's WGFA scream. Again, it was reminiscent of Daltrey in his prime, even if his vocals were a bit clunky during the rest of the song. It was the predictable closer, and Roger let out more slack as he was swinging the mic than I have seen him do in some time.

Other tidbits: I have never seen Zak so emotionally into a show. He was WAY more animated and physical than I have ever seen him. He was closing his eyes and shaking his head during spots with no drums as if he was enjoying the music as much as we were. It looked like he was so into it that he couldn't sit still back there when he wasnt playing. I wish he wasnt blocked by the plexiglass so we could have seen it even better.

Simon's guitar solo during Baba was nice. Roger also royally fucked up the Baba chorus. Pete laughed at him, as always. Pete gets such a kick out of Roger's fuck-ups. Roger also got behind a half beat on the 2nd verse of WGFA and Pete looked at Pino and laughed.
Pete only had one jump, a split jump to end Baba. He IS almost 70, so I get it.

During WGFA end jam, Roger also brought back the circle march he used alot in the 70s, where he walks very fast in a circle, almost stomping his feet. I have never seen him do that other than in videos of 70s Who concerts. It was cool to see him bring that move back.

Loved the show overall. It was truly a tupical Who show. Not perfect but real, rockin and in your face.

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