The Who

Fri, 10 November 2000:

Sheffield, Arena


I Can't Explain
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
My Wife
Baba O'Riley
I Don't Know Myself
Behind Blue Eyes
Pinball Wizard
The Real Me
You Better You Bet
Who Are You
Won't Get Fooled Again

Let's See Action
The Kids Are Alright
Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
My Generation


Steve Bastow

I'd lost touch with rock music through the nineties a little bit with work and marriage sort of getting in the way. Id been to the odd gig or so, mainly at the Irish Centre close to where I was working at the time in Leeds. Outdoor gigs were becoming a bit of a drag due to security and the ever-decreasing amount of food and drink you could take in with you. I'd bought the remastered CD's and the Thirty Years Of Maximum R&B CD's and video, and I knew about the Hyde Park Quadrophenia show for the Princes Trust in 1996, but the subsequent tour totally passed me by.

Although I work in IT, access to the internet was severely restricted at the time so it wasn't until we got a home computer and I had regular access to the internet that I actually caught up with The Who again. This was mainly through Pete's web site where I got to learn about the resurrected Lifehouse project and The Who tour of the States.

Then it happened - a Who tour of Europe was announced. The wife had never seen them live and I wasn't the first person to tell her how good they were, so she said she would like to go see them. I didn't need telling twice, so tickets were booked as fast as my network connection allowed.

Come the day of the concert and we had, not for the first time, a little bit of drama. When I'd been to the Sheffield Arena on previous occasions, there had always been plenty of places to park the car. This was either in the official car park or on the abundance of spare land that surrounded the arena. It had been six years since my last visit though, and numerous buildings had sprung up on the once plentiful spare land. So parking was now at a premium and after being stuck in the queues of traffic for what seemed an eternity the official car park was now full. There was only one thing for it - head back towards the motor way and the big out of town shopping centre and get the tram back to the arena. This we did but missed the support act (Joe Strummer) in the process. Neither my wife nor I had ever really liked The Clash (even though Pete and Roger loved them), so it was no great loss at the time. It was only later when Joe passed away that I had any regrets. Sadly it was also the last time I would see John play.

As for The Who, well there was still life in the old dog. I must admit that I was a little bit nervous that it may have been a big let down but they far exceded all my expectations. With Zak on drums it seemed to give them a new freshness and a return to something like The 'Oo of old.

The "greatest hits" set list was probably the best from all the shows that I had seen. Oh, and the wife loved the show as well.

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The Who in Sheffield


Ticket Sheffield, 10-11-2000 (thanks to Steve Bastow)