The Who

Tue, 27 June 2000:

Detroit, MI, The Palace


I Can't Explain
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
My Wife
Baba O'Riley
The Seeker
I Don't Know Myself
Getting In Tune
Pinball Wizard
The Real Me
Magic Bus
Behind Blue Eyes
You Better You Bet
Who Are You
Won't Get Fooled Again

The Kids Are Alright
Let's See Action
My Generation


Thomas Downey

As you can tell by the set list, this one was for the hardcore fans out there...Getting in Tune!!! My Wife!!! WOOO WHOOO!!!!!!

However, I'm a bit divided about this show. On the down side, the band was a bit under-rehearsed and sloppy in parts. Which on one level was kinda fun...however, if Townshend is going to spout off onstage about "at the end of the day, all this is is good old fashioned American Product" from the stage, and charge a top price of $125 for that "Product", then it should have been a little better rehearsed product. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Pete was having guitar troubles all night with tuning ("I'm old fashioned...I have a guy tune my guitar instead of one of those machines with all the lights. After this tour, I'm going to get one!"). Plus, when he switched between guitars, he had to keep plugging and unplugging his amp, which led to a series of loud BUZERP!!! sounds thru the show, most noteably during "My Generation" after breaking three strings during the blues section. C' to Sven, the guitar tech for Cheap Trick...there's no NEED for that!!! Very distracting...

All the guitar troubles led to the hope of the Great Sacrifice of a candy-apple red Fender Strat by the true Rock & Roll Jedi Master...but alas, this was yet again not to be...
There were several blown musical cues, some forgotten lyrics (The Seeker most noteably, and a blown cue in Blue Eyes). So yeah, it was sloppy...Roger even tripped on his mic cord and fell in front of a monitor with his mic, causing a NASTY bit of was just one of those nights...

On the flip side, Roger stated that it was only the 2nd show of the tour, and that they were a bit under-rehearsed on purpose so they could discover what it was like to be a band again. In that respect the succeded...this was not "The Who On Ice" as Townshend has described the last couple of tours. This was The 'Oo. Most bands can only wish they played this good on a good night. Considering they haven't played this stripped down in YEARS (1979? 82?) they're allowed to be a bit sloppy. Plus it was obvious that the band were enjoying themselves.
Enwhistle was typical...bass like a bleeding VC-10, standing there like it was another day at the damned office...buried in the mix though (sound left a bit to be desired overall).

Daltrey blew some lyrics and his voice was a tad weaker than on the "Quad" tour...but he stalked that stage for all it was worth, mic flying thru the air like a weapon weilded by a master...the delivery was passionate and he was clearly in his element.

Ringo should be proud...Zac IS the replacement for Keith. Steady thruout, killer fills...he's not Keith, nor is he Simon Phillips from the 89 tour, but the comfort level within the band was obvious. That and in an odd way he looked like the bastard child of Ringo and Keith...

Rabbit? The keys were a bit buried in the mix, but he was on stage up front this time and not off to the side and behind as he has been in the past. And solid...what else? He's been with them since the 78 tour I believe...

And then there was Pete....this is hard for me to discribe. It was PETE...playing lead again, rambling all over the stage, windmills galore, jumping, feedback, generally attacking his guitar...his playing was solid thruout. This was not Mr. Peter Townshend playing backup accoustic with the Who On Ice. This was Pete Townshend, guitar geezer God, reclaiming his legend could not stop watching him.

So was a bit sloppy, a bit under-rehearsed...but it was THE WHO....back on the edge, playing REAL music, taking chances again...the magic was there, a bit rough in parts but still intact as they rediscover themselves as a true band. C'mon..."Won't Get Fooled Again" live, raw, intense, Rock & Roll as Religon yes it CAN save your soul AMEN BROTHER PETE....THE FUCKING ' it should be.

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