The Who

Sun, 14 March 1976:

Saint Paul, Civic Arena


Squeeze Box, Slip Kid


Rescheduled from March, 12th. Stephen MacLennan confirmed the date. The set list was very similar to the concert at the Madison Squere Garden.


Kerry McPherson

I remember the March 76 show in St. Paul MN. I agree that it was on a afternoon after being delayed. I was coming from Canada and was stoped short of reaching St. Paul by a giant snow storm. We were so happy to hear that the show would be delayed. It is possible that this was a additional reason for the delay. My memory is that we were stuck in a diner with other stranded travelers and I believe we knew the show would be delayed 1-2 days from the radio or somehow.

Mark Luebker Gilbert

I was also at the Sunday afternoon Who concert at the St. Paul Civic Center on March 14, 1976. It was rescheduled from earlier in the week because of a snowstorm, as I recall.

The show was general admission, and we were able to find standing space in front of the big speaker on the left of the stage (as you faced it), meaning we had a pretty good view, but I also had ringing in my left ear for nearly a week after.

One of the memorable moments was during "Won't Get Fooled Again." Moon was in the headphones, eyes closed, drumming along to the synthesizer track.

Daltrey was twirling his microphone, flying it out over the audience, then jerking it back by the cord and catching it ... almost every time.

He missed once and it hit Moon right on top of the head. It looked like it might have stunned him for a second or so and he missed a couple of beats, then quickly got back into sync and continued as though nothing had happened. What was that guy made of, anyway?

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Add for the St. Paul show. Was postponed to 14.3.1976.