The Who

Wed, 24 March 1976:

Portland, OR, Memorial Coliseum


No known setlist


Gunnar Abramson sent another date, He send the scan of a newspaper clip, saying: "I found two paragraphs in the middle of a long article on concert happenings around town that was in the edition of the Oregonian published on March 30th 1976 - four days after the show." Scott Lundeberg confirmed THIS date. He wrote. "The show was definitely on March 24th, 1976. I'm 100% sure because I still have the ticket stub. I also saw them again in Portland on Oct 13th, 1976. Felt very lucky to see them twice that year. Those were two of the best concerts I've ever seen."

Newspaper Review

The Who concert last week was a good one but not without problems. Peter Townshend and keith Moon seemed to be having some hasles of their own out of ... Continue reading
(Oregonian, 30-03-1976)


Jack Huntington

One of my first and probably best rock concerts was The Who show in Portland, Oregon, on March 24, 1976. The laser light show was amazing and Daltrey in his light tan, frilly armed leather vest shirt looked absolutely awesome silhouetted against the light, with his arms outstretched during the Tommy sequence. Is there any chance to obtain an accurate set list for that show? I notice there is a lot of overlap in the songs they did on this tour, but not all sets are the same. So, I would really love to obtain an accurate set list from this particular performance.

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Support Act: The Steve Gibbons Band

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The Who in Portland, OR


Ticket stub Portland 1976 (Photo by Scott)