The Who

Wed, 04 August 1971:

Boston, MA, Music Hall


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Bonney Prince

The Who played the Music Hall in Boston, Massachusetts (now the Wang Center, what a name) on scheduled nights August 4,5 & 6. The hall had seats for 4,302 people. Townshend said that year he chose smaller venues so the band's sound wouldn't suffer. I was in a big quandry over the third show because on August 6, appearing at the Boston Common as part of what I think was called "The Sunset Series", were "The Faces with Rod Stewart", and I had tickets - but I worked at the Music Hall, and the Who were my favorite band....

Since all three shows were of course sold out, it was announced that there would be a FOURTH show, on August 7.

The opening act on the 4th & 5th was someone calling himself "Mylon" - (who the heck was that?)

The scheduled opening act for the 6th was Patti LaBelle, as I remember there was a big furor because she got arrested on suspicion of prostitution right before the show - the "theatre district" in Boston was then also the "Adult Entertainment District" and Ms. LaBelle made the mistake of going out the back door for some air while wearing her stage costume......

I naturally went to the third Who show instead of the Faces show, but the bargain was that Rod Stewart came out at the end with Roger Daltrey and a huge roar went up from the crowd. I think Rod might have sung a song with the band but I can't remember what it was, or he might have just stood around looking craggy (this was oh, so important then, I was sure I'd never forget it but now I have).

The Who played mostly from "Who's Next" and smashed their instruments on two of the four nights they played. Other than that I don't remember much except the lights being off for the drum solo & synthesizer (ARP, on tape) part in "Won't Get Fooled Again" then when Roger screamed the lights blasted on again, everyone leapt to his or her feet & it was pretty exciting.

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The Who in Boston, MA


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