Pete Townshend

Sun, 14 April 1974:

London, Roundhouse


The Seeker, Big Boss Man, Substitute, Amoreuse, If I Were A Carpenter, Happy Jack, Tattoo, Join My Gang, Behind Blue Eyes, Goin' To New York (New York City Blues), My Generation Demos I + II, On The Borderline, Corrina Corrina, No Face No Name No Number, Let's See Action, Pinball Wizard, See Me Feel Me, My Generation, Magic Bus/My Generation

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The two versions of My Generation are demo-playes through P.A. for the audience. There's a sample lyric change in Magic Bus: »...I'm so nervous I guess it shows. Don't say a thing about my great big nose...« (Thanks to for this infos). Dave Marsh wrote about Pete's first solo-concert: »On April 14, 1974 (Easter Sunday), Townshend played a solo gig-the first of his career-for the Camden Square Community Play Centre ... Meant to be a quiet afternoon's entertainment, the solo show was blown out of all proportion when the press got word of it. Townshend spent a panicky week's preparation, then came out and did a fairly casual show using electric and acoustic guitars, piano, some synthesizer tapes and the original "MY GENERATION" demo as he ran through a set that also included 'The Seeker', Jimmy Reed's 'Big Boss Man', 'Substitute' and 'Pinball Wizard.' Despite a drunken heckler, the show was well-received and Pete was surprisingly confident.« (Dave Marsh, Before I Get Old - The story of The Who, Side 442).

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