The Who

Sun, 20 July 1997:

Chicago, IL, New World Music Theatre


I Am The Sea
The Real Me
Cut My Hair
The Punk And The Godfather
I'm One
The Dirty Jobs
Helpless Dancer
Is It In My Head
I've Had Enough
Sea And Sand
Bell Boy
Doctor Jimmy
The Rock
Love Reign O'er Me
I'm The Face - Quadrophenia Finale

Won't Get Fooled Again
Behind Blue Eyes
I Can't Explain
Who Are You


Won't Get Fooled Again performed by Pete and Roger with John joining halfway through. It started accoustic and became electric. Pete played electic guitar on The Real Me, Is It In My Head, I've Had Enough, 5:15, Sea And Sand, The Rock, Love Reign O'er Me, I'm The Face, Won't Get Fooled Again, Substitute and I Can't Explain


Bill Hamblin

I saw the Who perform last Sunday night in their only Chicagoland performance on this "Quadrophenia" tour. As usual it was a great performance. They got a mixed review in the Chicago Tribune but got a very good review from the Chicago Sun-Times. Back in 1973 I saw the Who perform "Quadrophenia" at the International Amphitheatre. Keith Moon of course was still alive and I will never forget him climbing on top of his drums while singing "Bellboy". The original tour in '73 will always be my favorite but last Sunday night was something special too. While they were playing "5:15" I was thinking they still are the best damn live band around!

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The Who in Chicago, IL


Ticket, 20.7.1997