The Who

Fri, 14 July 1989:

Foxborough, Sullivan Stadium


Amazing Journey
The Acid Queen
Pinball Wizard
Do You Think It's Alright
Fiddle About
I'm Free
Tommy's Holiday Camp
We're Not Gonna Take It
I'm One
A Little Is Enough
A Friend Is A Friend
I'm A Man
I Can't Explain
I Can See For Miles
Trick Of The Light
Boris The Spider
Who Are You
Too Much Of Anything
Magic Bus
Baba O'Riley
My Generation
Face The Face
Love Reign O'er Me
Love Hurts
My Wife
Sister Disco
Rough Boys
Join Together
You Better You Bet
Behind Blue Eyes
Won't Get Fooled Again

Hey Joe
Summertime Blues


Brian Carroll

I attended the Foxboro, Mass. show on July 14, 1989 and it was the first time I went to see The Who but I had been a fan since I first listened to my brother Eddie's vinal LP version of WHO'S NEXT in basement when I was eleven. I had just turned 19 years old and had graduated from High School just a month earlier. I'd had my wisdom teeth removed some months earlier (there were serious complications) and so I staggered, half-stoned on painkillers the next morning to stand in line to buy tickets for the show on the 12th at a music store at the Newington Mall. The show sold out while I was standing there and a bunch of people started walking away.

Shocked and incedulous, I waited a few minutes and sure enough they announced a second show on the 14th for which I jumped back in line and purchased 6 tickets for. I was ecstatic! I was also a mess and must have looked like a zombie! I had spittle and blood crusted around my mouth and tons of packing material still shoved in mouth and hadn't showered--what a mess.

Come some months later in July the date of the show arrived. The first show (July 12) was covered on the news (WBZ-channel 4) and had garnered rave reviews! I was getting nervous however as the weather report was forcasting rain the day of the show. It was raining on the date of the show, but we decided to brave it anyway. We lived in southern New Hampshire (Dover) and it was about 2 hours by car to Foxboro. I was driving my 1984 Nissan Sentra (the silver bullett we called it!).

I am tyring to remember now who came with me. I know my girlfiend Erin was with me, my friends Jason, Jon, and Derek were there and Derek's girlfriend Lori. Just south of Boston was a traffic jam and we got into a five-car accident! I was the middle car in a 5 car bumper to bumper to bumper, etc. crash. Everyone was fine, but a there were a few bruises on my passengers. The bumper was hanging off the front and dragging. I was not about to miss The Who however, so I tore off the bumper and threw it in the trunk and we kept going. The damage was all cosmetic and the car drove fine.

We arrived and it was still raining slightly. We had brought a recording device, a small handheld tape recorder, for bootlegging the show. I had two blank tapes that we stashed in Erin's purse and some extra batteries that I carried in my pockets. Despite the tape recorder being small, it would have been noticeable to security as they were patting people down and searching purses. We devised a plan. They patted down coats, the sides of one's shirt and your front and back pants pockets and then your pantlegs and searched any purses. This is where Lori came in. She had big brown eyes, striking long jet-black hair, was quite tall and, how shall I say it, ... "well-endowed" in a certain key part of the female anatomy that resides above the waist and below the neck. She 'hid' the tape recorder under her shirt and between her ample "endowments." The security were not about to pat those down although they probably wanted to! So, she cruized through the security check with no problem and we had our recording devise inside!

Our seats were kind of high up on the stage-left side of the bleachers at about the 45 or 50 yardline. The rain was light but constant. Finally the clouds broke and a beautiful rainbow emerged above the stadium! It was huge. Then a second one on the other side --a double rainbow! They touched like a huge arch going over the stadium, it was actually quite beautiful and breath-taking. The crowd applauded the rainbows! It was really something. I met a few people over the years who were also at that show and they all remarked on the rainbows and a couple of people I met in college identified that show in particular as the "Double Rainbow Show" to distinquishit from the show on the 12th which they also attended.

The show started. No backup band. They played for almost three hours! It was amazing. They played EVERYTHING. And it was LOUD! This concert went on forever! All the usuals were covered, Baba O'Riley, Behind Blue Eyes, Pinball Wizard, Won't Get Fooled Again, etc. although I don't remember the exact order of the songs. They started with Amazing Journey and a mini-Tommy set of about 5-7 songs that was great. Then they launched into some great covers including Hey Joe, I'm A Man, and Love Hurts, as well as some Townshend solo material (Face the Face). Then some rarities got played like Too Much of Anything and my favorite song of the show Trick of the Light! My friend Jason and I were so surprized they played that. We were huge Who fans. I had to go to the bathroom and I remember they played Baba O'Riley and Magic Bus while Jon and I hunted for a bathroom. Other than Trick of the Light, I remember I Can See For Miles being really good as well as You Better You Bet and of course the highpoint Won't Get Fooled Again.

I looked this show up on the Who Concert Guide and it appears to be one of their longest ever! Take a look at how many songs were performed! I even remember them playing Dig and Daltrey didn't know all the words yet so he had a cheat sheet in his hand with the lyrics! They said it was one of the first times they's ever played it live. I remember the whole show fondly, even though many fans are critical of this tour. I'd waited years for it and even though it didn't sound like the old classic Who, it was still pretty good and it was great to hear The Who live in a stadium at mind-numbingly lound volume to the cheers of 65,000 screaming fans and Entwistle's bass reverberating in your chest. The bootleg was crap however. We were too far away and picked up mostly the crowd around us, but there were were a few good points however.

I kept the tapes for about 10 years before throwing them away during a move in the 1990s thinking nobody would ever want them because of the low quality. Even though they were not great, I now understand the only other copy of this show is incomplete and I had about 80% or more of the show on my tapes. I wish I still had them so I could digitize them and distribute them on the internet! So thanks to my wisdom teeth, a five-car accident, Lori's "endowments," and a great show by The Who, this was one of the most memorable concerts of my teens and early twenties (I later saw The Who five more times in the 1990s and 2000s).

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