John Entwistle

Fri, 09 February 1996:

Chicago, IL, Synergy


Heaven And Hell
Had Enough
Success Story
Trick Of The Light
Bridges Under The Water
The Real Me
Love Doesn't Last
Boris The Spider
Life After Love
Last Song
My Wife
Long Live Rock

Summertime Blues
Shakin' All Over


Jim Perlick

I was at the concert 09.02.96 West Chicago,IL, Synergy: After suffering through two extremely loud warm up bands, John finally took the stage. The first two songs were so loud and muddy sounding that you couln't tell what the songs were hardly. John couldn't hear his bass at all the first couple songs you could see he was getting pissed. He kept pointing to the amps and the soundman. After gesturing several times and giving the soundman dirty looks the sound started to improve.

The night was a lesson on how to play the bass, John used a custom made eight string bass guitar on several of his songs. But mostly played with his other custom made red bass. The crowd exploded on the song "Long Live Rock" and John had a great solo on Summertime Blues. About an hour after the show ended John Entwistle came out and sat at a table and signed autographs and talk to people for about 1 1/2 hours. I think this is one class act not to many performers would take the time to do this.

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