John Entwistle

Sun, 08 November 1987:

New York, NY, The Bottom Line


Summertime Blues
Pinball Wizard
My Wife
Boris The Spider
Shakin' All Over
My Generation
See Me Feel Me
Won't Get Fooled Again
Twist And Shout


Got a set list including these songs: "Song from Rat Race Choir, Song from Lezy West, Song from Lezy West, Summertime Blues, Pinball Wizard, My Wife, 5.15, Boris The Spider, Bargain, Shakin' All Over, My Generation, See Me, Feel Me, Sparks, Won't Get Fooled Again, Twist and Shout, Too Late The Hero." It's not confirmed, because it was recorded from the radio and the band didn't play Entwistle solo stuff during this tour. Any help is welcome!


Brian Cantaldi

I was listening to the radio in NYC that day when they mentioned that John Entwistle would be performing one song "Summertime Blues" at the New York Blood center for all the people who came out to give blood that day. And if I remember correctly, the only way one could get a ticket for the show at "The Bottom Line" that evening was to come out and give blood.

Greg S.

I was lucky enough to attend this show ... and yes as Brian said, you had to donate a pint of blood to get a ticket.

My roomate Charlie P. and I went down to the blood bank this day after a late night out. At the time Howard Stern was in his earlier years at the radio station 92.3 K-Rock which sponsored the event. Some of his crew were there.

We met "Babba Booy" Boy Gary up front at the door and then listened to Fred Norris' band play while we were waiting to get our veins tapped. After we gave our pint, we were given tickets to the show, plus a t-shirt. It was a fun show. Imagine a couple of hundred people who just gave blood, then started drinking heavily...

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