The Who

Fri, 26 July 2002:

Boston, MA, Tweeter Amphitheatre


I Can't Explain
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
Who Are You
Another Tricky Day
I Can See For Miles
Baba O'Riley
Eminence Front
Sea And Sand
Love Reign O'er Me
Behind Blue Eyes
You Better You Bet
The Kids Are Alright
My Generation
Won't Get Fooled Again

Pinball Wizard
Amazing Journey
See Me Feel Me

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The Who at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA on 07/26/02

This past June 27th will be remembered as one of saddest days in The Who's (and Rock's) history, as the news of the bassist John Entwistle dying on th... Continue reading
(Music-Reviewer, 01-08-2002)


Phil Maigret

Here are some miscellaneous thoughts about the July 26th show in Boston (it's actually in Mansfield, which is closer to Providence, but that's another matter).

Roger was in top form. His voice was better than it's been in 2 decades. Zak was fantastic, as always. The drum mix could have been better - more snare? Rabbit played some amazing keyboards tonight, right out front in the mix. Very tasty.
Pino supplied the low end and was a fine bass player. He just needs to get a nastier sound. He sounds too polite. Like a session player would. The closest Pino's sound came to "the bass player for the Who" was during "Who Are You".

Pete seemed board or even a little pissy for the first half of the set. He did NOT seem to be into playing at all. A few windmills during "Can't Explain" and "Substitute" are not going to placate us. Every other member of the band was playing/singing at 100%, and with John gone, it's more important than ever for Pete to deliver the goods. He seemed to get a little into it during "Sea and Sand" and on and off after that.

This was Roger's show - simply fantastic.

Low points: "Another Tricky Day", "Relay" (which was a high point on the 2000 tour), maybe "Young Man Blues" could be added to future dates instead?

High points: "I Can See For Miles", " The Kid's Are Alright", "Love Reign O'er Me", the Tommy encore.
Not too much talking, just a little in the middle. The show could have used more, especially with the could of brand new bad news hanging over the show that John Entwistle's death was cocaine related. Pete did address this briefly and with humor, but I think everybody wanted the usual Who show with Pete explaining things about certain songs.

Roger's sideburns kick some serious ass!!!!

Gregory Palter

I attended the Who concert July 26h at the Tweeter Center ... The band was in raw primal form as the interaction between Roger and Pete was frenetic, musically synchronized and above all ... showed a great sense of joy and responsibility. Given that this is a fairly limited tour and their bassist and friend, John had recently passed ... they both seemed to relish every moment on stage as they gave every ounce of their being into their music. Pete was on fire churning out one blistering guitar solo after another ... and Roger's vocals were simply overpowering ... clearly neither one of them has anything off their fastball as they delivered a great set that went from one Who classic to the next Also should be given that Zak Starkey has really found a home and is definitely driving and pushing Roger and Pete to give their all to the music. Great show great time!!!!!

Thomas M. Parker

My brother and I got to see the Who on Friday night at the Tweeter Center in Boston, MA. I have to say that they were nothing short of spectacular! The level of energy completely overwhelmed the shows I had seen in 1980, 1982 or any of the tapes, simulcasts, etc of anything I have seen since 1976. They opened with "I Can't Explain", played "Substitute", played several suites from Who's Next, Quadraphenia (they did "Sea and Sand" for us hardcores!), etc and performed a suite of songs from Tommy as an encore. They also did the most raucous version of "My Generation" that I had ever heard in person.

A few things really stood out - Daltrey's vocals were absolutely perfect. Its early in the tour so he was able to hit the high notes and even added some falsetto in places. The addition of Simon Townshend really helps fill-out the sound vocally and with the acoustic guitar, but without the "smarminess" of the Who-mania style band of the 1989 tour.

Pete seemed really into the show from the get go (as was the audience - a HARD sellout. No one sat down at any point in the show). He seems to be better at extended solos now, than he was during the Who's prime. Zak Starkey, though not a technically sound as Simon Phillips, really brings a drive to them that has been noticeably absent since Moonie's days. I thought he played "Sparks" much better than anyone since Moon. He has his own brand of drumming; similar, not aping, to Moon, but a little more traditional, but not the trap-set mentality or chops of Kenny Jones - man its too bad they didn't use him sooner (though I guess that would have been tough since he was a kid) "The Kids Are Alright" was brilliant - Townshend and Daltrey each added their own verse to the song - very personal and very touching. It alluded to Entwhistle.

I have to say, even though this will probably be it for them, they seem to have hit another "golden period". It took two days for me to calm down.

Jon Emge

I was at the show last night, drove from Maryland to Mass.
The Who showed again why they are the greatest live act! They were on top of their game and gave it their all!

Roger's voice was in top form...the scream for Won't Get Fooled Again was incredible. He stood there waiting and let it rip and it was a true moment. I think everyone there was with him and he felt it.

Pete was Pete. A few funny lines, and really pouring his life into his guitar.

All in all the best. They spoke of John and showed some pictures at the end and interview footage of the band at the beginning of the show.

The encore, Tommy, the energy was too much for words.

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