The Who

Sat, 21 November 1970:

Leeds, University


I Don't Know Myself, Postcard, Tommy's Holiday Camp, Daddy Rolling Stone, Twist And Shout, Cinammon Girl


Got the report, but don't know the name of the fan. Songs not confirmed, but Joe McMichael and "Irish" Jack Lyons confirm the report and the existence of Cinammon Girl in the set (Concert Filde, p. 109)


Ar. Hoades

The thank you concert. Pete was happy all night and sang a ditty to Leeds University at the end. The EP mentioned again and Don't Know Myself and Postcard played and mentioned as tracks that would be on it. Played 4-5 Tommy tracks, including Tommy's Holiday Camp so that Keith got a vocal outing. Finished off with Daddy Rolling Stone, Twist and Shout and Cinammon Girl, which made this concert a bit special. At one point Roger
fell over and knocked a small AMP over, John machine gunned him with his bass.

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