The Who

Sun, 10 November 1968:

Bristol, Colston Hall


No known setlist


Robert Goodhand

Colston Hall for its day was a mixed venue for bands - spacious comfortable and good acoustics but with an air of "I'm sitting here - now entertain me". The support act The Crazy World of Arthur Brown put on a show the like of which few had seen before. The individual muscians were unknown then - I assume keyboard was Vincent Crane - but the stage show was a continuous musical exploration with "Fire" inserted in the middle.

Then came the Who. Well despite being a fan from the earliest days and the first time I'd ever seen a major stage act, in my heart. I was 18 just left home from sleepy Lincolnshire and moved to the big city to start an apprenticeship. Bluntly I was disappointed. The whole set-up had a squeeky clean image about it - equipment precisely positioned and symmetrical and a bunch of hard working lads you could take home for tea with mum.

They ran through their standard hits with "A Quick One" the centrepiece. Even that had to be padded out with the long winded joke of Ivor never cuming on time ('cause he's an engine driver ha ha). It was a competent performance, well received by the Bristol crowd but somehow unfulfilling.

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