The Who

Wed, 24 July 1968:

Philadelphia, PA, JFK Stadium


No known setlist


This show was cancelled due to weather.



With the new Who tour now in full swing, I enjoyed reliving some of the concerts I've seen at your web site. However there is one correction I thought you'd be interested in.

My 1st attempt to see the Who was at the "Summer Music Festival" in Philadelphia on July 24 1968. Tickets were available for a couple of bucks from the local supermarket chain sponsoring the show! The concert lineup consisted of The Who, The Troggs, Mandala, Pink Floyd (yes..they were 4th on the bill!) and Friends of the Family (Procal Harum was also scheduled but had to cancel because they didn't have their work visas!). The concert WAS at the 100,000 seat JFK Stadium. The stage was set up at one end of the stadium and I seem to remember a small crowd of about 1000 at the shows beginning (the weather was poor with on and off rain showers.) This was in the early years of outdoor concerts and the promoters didn't even provide any covering for the stage! The local group Family played their set and near the end it started to rain lightly. Pink Floyd was next up and they were into their 2nd or 3rd number when the rain and puddles on the stage sent sparks from the guitars and mics, shocking a couple of members of the group. At that point they totally cancelled the rest of the show! I remember walking to my car in the drizzle next to Pete T.(virtually unrecognized by the crowd) who was heading for his bus/van.

I hope this provides you with some insight into the Summer Music Festival, a Who concert that wasn't.

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The Who in Philadelphia, PA


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