The Who

Sun, 13 July 1980:

Greensboro, NC, Civic Center


I Can't Explain
Baba O'Riley
My Wife
Sister Disco
Behind Blue Eyes
Music Must Change
Who Are You
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me
Long Live Rock
My Generation
I Can See For Miles
Naked Eye
Won't Get Fooled Again

The Real Me

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Greensboro's latest "event" was Sunday, in case you missed it. 'Course, if you were within 20 miles or so of the coliseum, you couldn't have missed it... Continue reading
(Greensboro Daily News, 14-07-1980)


Carl Patterson

I went to this show to see the who for the first time and I was a fanatic. There was talk that the show would be cancelled because Pete Townsend had injured his right hand. They did rock the house, Pete with a bandaged right hand and many windmills and splits but he did stumble through a few chords understandably.

The smell of 70's grade Mexican filled the air in Greensboro that night and the rock was alive.

Alex McFarland

I was at the Who show in Greensboro, NC, July 13, 1980. It was back in the day when you had to wait in line at the box office to buy tickets. All around town, the word was that the show was sold out. On a whim, I went to the coliseum a couple of days before the concert (the Thursday afternoon). The box office had a pair of tickets that some one had turned in for a refund, which I promptly bought - and they were down front, very close to the stage! Like about 3rd or 4th row. Unbelievable! I was 16 then, but I still have the ticket stub and the program I bought. Some of my friends from high school-who had bought their tickets weeks and weeks earlier - were up in the balcony! But it was a very memorable show.

As I recall, the sound was good, the vocals were (to me at least) very clear and understandable. As for the songs you list here, I remember a little bit differently. They did open with "Substitute," but I distinctly remember that "I can see for miles" came very early in the show. Like about the 2nd or 3rd song. Also - "Let My Love Open the Door" was performed, which I dont' see listed here. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that the very last song was "My Generation." They had gone off, come back, and done a couple of encore songs.

I remember that during Entwistle's bass solos, there were pretty wild lighting effects going on. Entwistle's suit was orange (or the lights made it look that way). I was only 16, and one of the first concerts I had attended at that point.

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