Pete Townshend

With Love

Side 1:

Hail Avatar Meher Baba [Last Qawali Group] (00:33)
Give It Up [Billy Nichols] (04:11)
Without Your Love (01:51)
His Hands (Demo) (02:08)
Just For A Moment [Ronnie Lane] (02:55)
Baba Blues [Lol Benbow] (02:01)
Meher [Paul Wyld] (03:11)

Side 2:

Contact [Medicine Head] (02:09)
Gotta Know Ya [Billy Nicholls] (03:18)
Sleeping Dog (Demo) (02:57)
All God's Mornings [Sydney Foxx] (03:23)
Lantern Cabin (Demo) (04:05)

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Tribute Album to Meher Baba.

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