The Who

English Boy


You say we're moving like an oil slick
Thicker than a house brick
I'm an English boy

I was brought up right
If you raise your dress
Then I will bite
My voice is clear
I got perfect poise
Good to be down here
With all the English boys

And I don't know where I am now
Or where I'm gonna go
I keep going round and round on the circle line
Like some demented kind of commuter
Trying to avoid paying for my ticket

I'm a lost soul
I read about myself in the newspapers
I'm a pig
I'm a thug
I've got nowhere to go but down

I hear his manager, Rastus KnightI
Is pulling what's left of his hair out
The only thing Ray's writing these days are large checks to his booze merchants.
He's a serious recluse now
Hasn't seen daylight or another woman since his old lady walked out two years ago.
Poor little sausage, brooding in that twenty-two room glass mansion.
Life's a bitch, and so am I.

Feel like I'm kicking at a dead man
Kicking in the chorus
I'm broken by hatred
While politicians just ignore us
You never gave me any value
You didn't give me any reason
There's no tools, and no toys
For any English boy
I'm an English boy

I was brought up right
Hold me down
And I will bite
Know no fear
I will serve with joy
Proud to be here
An English boy, yeah!

I'm an English boy, yeah!
I'm an English boy
I'm an English boy
No tools, no toys for any English boys
English boy
English boy

Scene 2: Rastus and Ray

Look, I need something more than playing empty halls
for you and your fucking Freemason cronies.

What you need Ray is a kick up the bloody ass.
I'm runnin' out of your money.
If you must be introspective, at least do it in public.
Millions want to share in your loneliness and your misery.
You'll have to put out something new.
Soon you'll have no choice.
You'll have to try.

The press slaughtered me, Rastus.
I need to be back in control of my own existence.
Until then, leave off.

What are you up to Ray, eh?
What keeps you amused?
How do you stand this solitude after all that bloody fun?
What are you now?

I'm not mature
I'm ...
I'm just derelict!
Look, inside I'm the same as I ever was.

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CD-Cover Psychoderelict

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