John Entwistle

You Can Be So Mean


Do you remember the first time we kissed?
Baby, the drive in movie, one kiss I couldn't resist
Baby, you went again with another boy to see the part you missed
Baby you can be so mean

You promised to love me for rich or for poor
Baby, to be faithful and true, this is what you swore
Baby, how come our kids look like the fella next door?
Baby you can be so mean

Oooh baby I begged you on my knees to let me stay
But you slammed my fingers in the door
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But you hurt me, you hurt me a whole lot more
Oh - oh

Maybe I was a fool to love you anyhow
But how was I to know
You'd run around with every boy in town
And then tell me, tell me to pack up and go

Baby, you left me kneeling with my head on the floor
Baby, wondering why, with my hand still in the door
Baby, maybe it's cause I love you much much more than you love me

Baby, you were the one that said we must part
Baby, you said you never loved me right from the start
Baby, you took the kids, the car, the house, and left me a broken heart
Baby, you can be so mean
Baby, you can be so mean

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CD-Cover Mad Dog

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