Pino Palladino

Pino Palladino plays with The Who since June 2002. It had felt as if he had jumped in full speed on a carousel, he said later, describing his feelings, when he joined the band to replace John Entwistle in June 2002.

The bass player is the youngest member of "Who 2". Only once - during the Live 8 concert in July 2005 - he was not part of the line-up.

Born in 1957 in Cardiff, Pino began at age of 17 with the bass playing. He is one of the most popular studio musicians, playing on records and CDs by Pete Townshend, Gary Numan, Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Elton John, Tears for Fears, Paul Young, Rick Wright, or even ex-Genesis bassist Steve Hackett.

Pino Palladino is playing with The Who on Endless Wire, and on Old Red Wine, the song, Pete Townshend wrote for John Entwistle.

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