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  • Moving On!

    The Who share share the stage with orchestras in 2019. Dates, setlists and info from the Moving On Tour in 2019.
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The Who live 1962 to 2020

The Who Concert Guide tells the story of The Who live on stage. This gigographie will focus on The Who's, Roger Daltrey's, John Entwistle's and Pete Townshend's live performance from past to present. The project started in April 1996. Today we have infos about more than 2150 shows. So ... read on ... and on ... and on ... and on ...

Now and Then

The History of The Who in Concert: 2327 shows online...


Lyrics, recordings, live shows - infos about the songs of The Who.


Live Recordings

Live recordings of The Who: Officials, Bootlegs, Torrents, Tapes and much more.



The Who released 12 studio records. My Generation was the first, WHO the last.



The top 50 popular venues and a list of all venues from A to Z.


From City to City

An index of cities: Concerts from 1962 to 2020, including solo performances.


Ticket Stubs

A gallery with ticket stubs of The Who and solo performances from now and then.